artoo.js The client-side scraping companion.

Yeoman Generator

To simplify the development of artoo.js bookmarklets, a simple Yeoman generator has been created to enable you to start working on what is really important rather than spending hours writing boilerplate code.


[sudo] npm install -g yo generator-artoo


As with any Yeoman generator, create a directory in which you will scaffold the needed files, enter it and launch the generator.

mkdir my-project
cd my-project
yo artoo

The generator will ask you a series of four questions:

  • What is the name of your project?
  • How would you describe your project
  • What kind of bookmarklet do you need to build?
  • Do you need https support?


Every type of bookmark scaffolded comes with a gulp environment for you to work easily.

You can therefore use the following commands:

# Build the files

# Build only the bookmarklets
gulp bookmarklets

# Run a local server and watch files to work comfortably
npm start

# or
gulp work


Typically, generated bookmarklet come in two forms: a dev and a prod one. The dev one execute a script from your local server while the prod compile your files within the bookmarklet itself.

When developing, you should use the dev bookmarklet and run npm start so your files are watched and served for an optimal working experience.