artoo.js The client-side scraping companion.

Chrome extension

artoo.js can also be used as a chrome extension.

This is rather an experimental feature and can only perform two things for the time being:

  • It can inject artoo.js in every page you visit.
  • It can override pages’ responses headers in order to shunt Content-Security-Policy headers.

If you do not know about Content-Security-Policy headers, read this.

« Why is Content-Security-Policy an issue for artoo? »

In short it can simply prevent artoo.js from being injected into some web pages such as facebook or github and we don’t want that.


The extension only comes in a rough version for now and cannot be installed automatically.

Here is therefore what you need to do:

// Clone artoo's repo
git clone
cd artoo
npm install

Then go to chrome’s extension page, tick the developer mode’s checkbox and load the unpacked extension.


Given that the extension is installed, you’ll notice an icon on your chrome toolbar. You can click this icon to activate or deactivate artoo.js.

The extension is therefore activated when the icon is colored and deactivated when the icon is greyed.