Helpers for scientometrics. Convert files, get networks, visualize stuff from Scopus or Web of Knowledge.

Scopus DOI Links

Adds the list of citation links where there are DOI references, in a Scopus CSV file.

1. Upload your Scopus CSV file

2. Download result


This script is useful if you want to build a network of citations.

The problem is to match the papers of the table with the papers in the references. The titles might have variations or discrepancies, messing up the matching. The solution is to use exact identifiers.

Such identifiers exist in the world of scientometrics: the DOI, or "Digital Object Identifier". They are sometimes present in the list of papers, and they are sometimes present in the references.

This tool extracts the DOIs from the references and adds them to a new column. You may use the resulting CSV to build a network with Table2Net.