Helpers for scientometrics. Convert files, get networks, visualize stuff from Scopus or Web of Knowledge.

Web of Knowledge DOI Links

Adds the list of citation links where there are DOI references, in a WoK file (classic or CSV).

1. Upload your WoK file (or CSV)

2. Download result


This script does the same thing, but for Web of Knowledge. It extracts the DOIs from the references and adds them to a new column "DOI_CITED". You may use the resulting CSV to build a network with Table2Net.

Supported file formats are CSV as well as the WoK-specific format, usually a .txt file. The detection is automatic. Just upload your file and the right algorithm will apply.

Web of Knowledge to CSV

Get a CSV from a web of Knowledge specific file.

1. Upload your WoK file

Note: you can drag and drop a file

2. Download result


If you have a classic WOK export (text format, organized by two-letter codes and beginning with "FN"), it will be converted to a CSV file containing the same information.

WoK tags explanation

The two letter "field tags" in the Web of Knowledge files are documented on this page. Our tools add the explicit name to the field tag according to this list: